Tuesday, 2 January 2018 03:47 am
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I mostly use this account to read and comment (which is why this sporadically updated journal has followed you), but have moved my posting to [community profile] ladybusiness and my tumblr. Feel free to visit and say hi! :D
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Well, December started and then exploded, so my posting meme went a little sideways. Which is par for the course with the beginning of any month. Maybe this is part of adulthood? Expect to have a quiet month, but everything gets ruined by REALITY? Well, that's what January is for, I suppose!

[personal profile] spindizzy asked, "How is being a freelance editor/blogger/columnist working out for you? Did you ever see yourself doing this?"

This is timely because my latest Strange Horizons article, Communities: Sign Up Here, has gone live. I talk about the parts of fanwork exchange cultures I'm familiar with (mostly Yuletide based these days) and talk about some of my favorite notable exchanges. Exciting!

Writing nonfiction for money was never actually an intention, but it's been surprisingly educational (maybe a little too educational? Crying forever over September 2013.) over the last year and change. It's harder than it looks to be thorough but concise. The Curse of Knowledge has plagued me from the beginning, too. If you see a fan writer out in the mainstream writing about fandom, know they are working really hard to balance contextualizing fandom in a way that non-fandom people can actually get. I have it easy, too. Strange Horizons exists in an online space where I don't have to stretch as hard to explain some concepts because there's some overlap between science fiction fandom and fanwork fandom there.

It's been an adventure, however, I don't think I would want to write nonfiction as a career. I over think things too much! I'm not in a great mental space for the inevitable Internet shitstorms that come along, either, like when a senior editor of a publishing heavyweight decides he wants to throw the bulk of his social capital at you via Twitter for daring to have a different fannish experience than him. Nonfiction is stressful because it means setting down an opinion and sticking to that opinion, and I so often worry about being wrong, or finding new information that changes my mind, that I'll probably never excel at it. But it's fun to contribute to on a low key basis. And I've gotten to know so many great people, like [personal profile] coalescent, who has been incredibly important to my SF history education. :)

So it's been fun, but I'm not really educated on anything other than my fannish experience to do it for other things right now. More time to write about robot parrots??


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