Tuesday, 2 January 2018 03:47 am
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I mostly use this account to read and comment (which is why this sporadically updated journal has followed you), but have moved my posting to [community profile] ladybusiness and my tumblr. Feel free to visit and say hi! :D

Hello, December!

Saturday, 15 November 2014 04:28 pm
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The other day on Twitter [personal profile] spindizzy mentioned she missed seeing me in her journaling life all the time. It's true that I decamped to [community profile] ladybusiness for more formal posts and mothballed this journal for the shiny new toy of my tumblr (which is at [tumblr.com profile] heyheyrenay if you want lots of feelings about Steve Rogers and Sebastian Stan, and also fanart).

But then [personal profile] owlmoose took a tumblr hiatus due to Dragon Age spoilers, and posted a meme for December so I figured I'd do it, too!

Pick a topic, and on some day in December I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic (say, up to three), feel free, but if I get more than 25 or so requests I may pick and choose between them.

  • Favorite books of the year! I'm preempting this question because I'll be answering in December 31st on [community profile] ladybusiness. WITH CHARTS. Pretty excited about the charts.
  • Mass Effect: Virmire, favorite characters, KROGAN BABIES — [personal profile] spindizzy
  • Being a freelance editor/blogger/columnist[personal profile] spindizzy
  • Old fandoms/terrifying fandoms[personal profile] spindizzy/[personal profile] copracat
  • Tumblr vs. Twitter vs. Dreamwidth[personal profile] owlmoose
  • DEREK HALE FEELINGS[personal profile] chaosraven
  • character types and/or story tropes[personal profile] frayadjacent
  • STEVE ROGERS[personal profile] goodbyebird
  • Pictures of your work space/book keeping places[personal profile] goodbyebird
  • Music videos: Talk about a music video or 3 that really grabbed you and why — [twitter.com profile] KateElliottSFF
  • avorite character/narrative tropes[personal profile] nanslice is sending me to TVTropes. I...may save this for last. :P
  • TV/movies/fannish events you're looking forward to in 2015[personal profile] chaila
  • Tell us about your writing likes[personal profile] bookgazing
  • Favorite movie/TV adaptation(s) of awesome books[personal profile] umadoshi
  • what do you miss about FF fandom? What don't you miss?[personal profile] lassarina

Coming soon. Maybe. If people still read this? *squints*


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