Monday, 18 January 2010

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There's been some more racefail in the YA community over Magic Under Glass, a book about a PoC whose cover is pretty damn white. Ari has a great post, Really Bloomsbury? I'm Done. The Publishing World Needs to Take Note and the a follow-up, An Open Letter to Bloomsbury Kids USA. Other Publishing Houses Take Note. She links to a lot of interesting posts, but of course, of course, the first one I read about this whole mess was Am I A Bad Person?.

The title immediately made me go, "Ugh, it's not ABOUT you." Man, do I ever not care about the poor hurt feelings of white people when PoC tell them, "You're hurting us with your silence. Please educate yourself." I am so amazed that in one post, this blogger with such a huge following, has managed to make it all about white people and their poor feelings because they are uneducated by virtue of their privilege and also demand that PoC come educate them. If only this was some elaborate joke!


Then, this:

While we are on this topic. Rarely does a cover accurately depict what a character look like.

The cover designers, I’m assuming, rarely if ever read the book that they are designing for. The author, as I’m aware, rarely if ever has control over their covers. The publishers most certainly know what the book is about, as such, there are are factors that they must weigh in on to determine the cover.

It’s not right, it's not fair, but it’s true.

Am I seeing this? Am I honestly seeing one of the most popular YA bloggers who is white, say "that's just how it is" and maintain that because it's hard (oh wow, not something HARD) to market to PoC (or any other minority group) we shouldn't demand change? That we shouldn't worry because covers never accurately depict the characters? That we all shouldn't get loud and angry and hold the publisher accountable?

Am I reading this wrong? I can't even...what? I am so disappointed that clearly we learned nothing from the Liar controversy. :(

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