zooey_glass: (Ani di Franco: God's work)
zooey_glass ([personal profile] zooey_glass) wrote in [personal profile] renay 2010-09-23 09:23 am (UTC)

Also, I think there perception that YA literature is a girls' club is actually a function of sexism. I can think of a LOT of great male YA writers - Bali Rai, Melvin Burgess, Aidan Chambers, John Green, Steven Chblosky, Robert Muchamore, Barry Lyga... this list goes on. And lots of them are writing books about boys (although *gasp* many of them focus equally on girls and have dual narration!) Furthermore, girl writers like Sarah Rees Brenna write about boys as well as girls! So the 'YA lit is overrun with girls and girls' stories' is, I think, a function of a. marketing and b. the general social tendency to think that enough women to notice is too many women.

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