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Renay ([personal profile] renay) wrote 2010-09-25 04:01 am (UTC)

I wonder exactly how many bingo spaces you hit with this comment, but I just cannot be arsed to check, because this is so ridiculous. Every single one of you yanking out this whole "reverse sexism" is so full of it that I am embarrassed for you. You're really not HELPING your argument by talking down Twilight and books like it, right? Do you get that? Do you get the derision here is exactly what I'm talking about? There is a reason I didn't name check any books in this post. My post isn't about boys reading goddamn romance novels. Please stop projecting all over my point and trying to aim the train at the cliff. This is a no-derail zone, and if you don't want to follow along, feel free to step the hell off.

Also, thank you, your condescension about my reading abilities and intelligence is appreciated and makes you seems very mature. Congratulations.

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