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Written for [ profile] chaosraven, for the [ profile] ff_press birthday celebratory ficbit meme.

Clarity (628 words)
Seifer/Zell - PG/worksafe
The heat of the moment leads to revelations.

"Ow! Son of a bitch, that hurts." Zell shoved Seifer's hands away, but Seifer wasn't giving up. "Would you—stop it, it's fine."

Seifer only raised an eyebrow and settled his hands back on Zell's skin. Seifer didn't know why Zell was acting macho when his side had practically been ripped opened, but Seifer figured he would've done the same thing to save face if it had been him. "Yeah, I hear bleeding to death is what everyone is doing these days." He cursed himself for not drawing enough magic before they had left Timber, and there was no way he could leave Zell to go draw some from any of the monsters in the area now. It was an even worse idea if the monsters were anything like the one rotting behind the trees in front of them. He'd have to start worrying about getting them away from here soon, before the buffet opened.

"I don't like that look." Zell stared at him and then started twisting around trying to see the wound, which just made blood flow from it faster. Seifer felt it under his hands and winced.

"Yeah, genius, make it worse. Stop moving." He shoved Zell down to his back and ignored his complaining about hitting his head on a rock. "I'm trying to think."

"We have Hi-Potions." Zell pointed to their packs.

Seifer rolled his eyes. "If we were back at Garden, I would tell Kadowaki you said that just to see you get lectured. Don't be an idiot." They had an emergency kit, and Seifer thought if he could patch Zell up enough to keep him from bleeding out, he could get him the ten or so miles back to Timber to a doctor.

"It's not good, is it?" Zell didn't sound scared, just resigned. "I mean, the look on your face says enough, but I'm starting to feel kind of sick."

"Yeah," Seifer said, refusing to lie. "It's bad." As if the drive home the point further, blood started tracing lines down Seifer's wrists. He had never done a patch job, except on dummies and small cuts, and that had been years ago during cadet training. Doing it on Zell was another matter completely, and he hated it.

"Man, Quistis owes me big time for this mission now," Zell said. "I'm not even supposed to be here! It was supposed to be that other guy."

"It'd make it easier for me if it was," Seifer said absently. "I could just leave him here and go get some magic to fix this." Zell sucked in a breath and grimaced. Seifer felt Zell's muscles tense under his hands, and wanted to punch something. He was startled when Zell looked back at him, amused.

"What," Zell said, "you can't leave me here? I mean, I should be fine for a little while."

"Forget it." Seifer pulled his hands away and wiped them on the rags from one of their pallets. "I'm going to try to close the wound as much as I can, so we can make it back."

"Wouldn't it be easier just to go find a monster to draw from?" Zell's voice was tired. "Are you even any good at stitches?"

"I'll remember," Seifer said. "And stop nagging me. I'm not leaving you here leaking blood everywhere. Too much of a risk."

Zell laughed as Seifer reached for the kit, and said, "You really do like me."

Seifer didn't even have it in him for a snide reply, especially since Zell was laughing—it was enough to assure him Zell wasn't feeling like dying any time soon. "Shut up and roll over," he said, and got down to work.


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