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These Are Things (592 words)
Seifer/Zell - G/worksafe
"Did you forget about the fortune teller?"

Seifer slid his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling, watching the shadows caused by moon shift and change into different shapes. The room was cold, the warm autumn in Balamb sliding away during the nights to hint at how cold it would be during the winter. It was never that bad, and Seifer was looking forward to it for the first time in years.

Beside him, Zell shifted and turned. He never took up a lot of space, which had surprised Seifer six months ago when he had found himself pulled into Zell's life, whether he wanted it or not. Things had changed; he did want it now, and wanted to keep it, and not just because it meant he wouldn't be sleeping in seedy apartments somewhere else. Not that he would ever tell Zell that.

Zell was enough work when he thought Seifer was just in it for fun. He'd freak out if he knew Seifer cared. Hell, Seifer had spent two weeks freaked out himself, but he was better with self-knowledge these days. Seifer moved his hand out to barely run his hand over Zell's hair, which was a mess. The touching thing was new, too, and Seifer didn't know how he felt about the desire to put his hands on Zell all the time. He moved his hand to run his fingers down Zell's neck, still warm from his previous position.

He didn't expect Zell to sit up suddenly, and jerked back so fast he cracked his elbow on the wall. Rubbing it, he nudged Zell with his leg. "What the hell was that?"

Zell turned around to look at him, eyes still sleepy. "I thought—never mind."

"Probably just me. I've been awake." Seifer tugged him back down. "You've been so jumpy lately."

Zell turned to his side, eyes wide. "Did you forget about the fortune teller?"

Seifer covered his face with his hands. "Not that again. It was a week ago, and she was acting. Get it? It was a job, to weasel money out of morons." He snickered. "Successful, but not true."

Zell punched Seifer in the shoulder half-heartedly. "Shut up, you weren't there. I saw myself in her little ball thing."

"Your reflection." Seifer was tired of hearing about whatever it was Zell had heard, and to make matters worse, Zell wouldn't even tell him what it was. It was a bitter thought that the woman had known who Zell was and that he was involved with Seifer, and had predicted someone was going to break into the house to kill them all for letting Seifer stay in town. He had never met more assholes in his life than in the last few months.

"It wasn't." Zell rolled to his back. "And anyway, it's not the fortune I'm jumpy about, it's that I can still hear it coming true."

"Hear it?" Seifer was curious. "So she predicted someone was going to tell you something? That's just asking to be mocked, give me a break."

Seifer jumped when Zell's hand touched his hips under the blankets, and stared at Zell's profile while Zell's eyes followed the shadows on the ceiling. "Well," he said, "it's not that, I said it wrong. Just—she said someone would tell me something without words." He turned his head, and for the first time, Seifer wondered when the hell he had left himself get this deep.

"Oh," he said, like an idiot.

Zell just smiled.
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