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Written for [ profile] soo_hyeong, for the [ profile] ff_press birthday celebratory ficbit meme.

The Forfeit of Bliss (540 words)
Yuna, Seymour - G/worksafe
It was not the happily-ever-after she wanted.

Yuna stared out the frosted glass toward the ocean. She didn't bother looking toward the sky, because she knew it would be too much for her to bear. Instead, she kept her eyes on the waves breaking toward the city on the edge of the sea. She had come back to her birthplace, finally, but she felt nothing, even though she knew this was the only place she and her father had ever been together.

Yuna had told Lulu she understood the hope people invested in her. All their energy and wishes given freely, time and resources shared even though many of the families didn't have it to spare. But they always had hope that someone was fighting for them. She thought she had understood it, but she had never been a position where she placed her hope in other people.

She broke her promise to herself and slid her eyes toward the blue sky, knowing the disappointment would hurt, but not caring. Cid could fly—she had seen it. But they didn't know where she was, and her Guardians—she squeezed her eyes shut and turned away from the window.

She jumped when she saw Seymour standing in the door, and said, "Lord Seymour. I didn?t hear you."

"You looked so thoughtful. I didn't wish to interrupt." He stepped forward. "You don't look happy, Lady Yuna."

Yuna thought it was a ridiculous statement, but she played along. "I worry that my Guardians are hurt."

"Guardians are required to be strong, yes?" Seymour lifted a hand and brushed her hair back. Yuna didn't bother to flinch away. "You should trust in their abilities."

She hadn't trusted them when she should have, and Yuna still regretted it, even if she had thought agreeing to Seymour's proposal would be helpful. She nodded, and Seymour trailed his hand down her arm before moving away.

"I have brought your dress," he said. "I thought it would please you." He gestured to the wall, and Yuna saw the dress he must have hung there while she was caught up in daydreams.

"Thank you. It's very pretty." Seymour liked elaborate things, she was finding. She followed the train of the dress. She couldn't even tell where it ended, or how long it was.

"You belong in white." Seymour brushed the skirt and let the fabric slide through his fingers. "It suits you well." He turned toward the door. "Although when you wear it, you would look more lovely if you smiled. Remember that many of your people will be watching us—you don't want to make them unhappy." He smiled, but it wasn't kind, and Yuna clenched her fist and forced herself to return it.

"Of course." She didn't like the guilt Seymour had been plying her with. It made her realize how over her head she was, and she wished she weren't alone.

"Very well. Get dressed. The ceremony will begin soon." Yuna met Seymour's gaze no matter how much the malice in them bothered her, until he left, as silently as he had come. She waited a moment before walking towards the dress, and when she lifted it, she refused to wipe away her tears.


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