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(fic) (ffx-2) the damages of loss - 16

How much do I hate closing shifts! A lot when they screw up my writing time and therefore my pacing. sdljfalfhfhfhfhf;;

The Damages of Loss (16)
(Baralai/Gippal, Nooj, 671 words, G)
"Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward."

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Voices woke Gippal the next morning, laughing and too-loud on the first floor of Nooj's house. He covered his head with his pillow, winced when he muscles complained, but didn't come out until he heard them conversation drift outside.

Nooj was the only one in when he tripped down the stairs, pulling on his shirt as he went. Everything hurt and he sunk into one of the chairs at the table before he fell down.

"Finally up?" Nooj was packing spheres into a box, wrapping them up before dropping them in. "The others have walked down to the market before the crowds come. You missed them sleeping in."

"I feel like something ran me over."

"Tidus told us the temple didn't want to give up its secrets." Nooj came over and sat beside him. "What time did you come home last night? Baralai is being secretive, and I believe you're the bad influence." He was smirking, and Gippal couldn't decide if he really wanted an answer or was just being an ass.

Gippal shifted, ignored the stab of pain through his torso until he could rest his arms on the table. "You're one to lecture me. You let him look through your spheres. What a change from purposefully keeping him out of the temples."

Nooj said nothing.

"So you get to decide what he sees and what he doesn't?" It was too early for a fight, but Gippal was already afraid of how Baralai knowing would change things between them.

Nooj sat back. "I believe we should keep him away from familiar things." He rolled the end of his cane across the floor. "You don't think it was odd Baralai didn't already know about your relationship?"

Gippal rubbed at his eyes. It was definitely too early for this. "He wouldn't have kept any of that stuff with him. We kept it a secret from the council for years, we're not dumb. If they were snooping through his things, all they ever found were records of friends. Anyway, towards the end, it didn't matter because we didn't even—" Gippal took a deep breath. "I think we should stop keeping secrets from him."

"As you wish."

"Sure, tell me to shove it if you want." Gippal wanted to get up and pace, but his whole body was protesting that idea. "He deserves to know. I was wrong to not tell him. And I don't know what you're doing, but it's not fair."

"You think Baralai remembering the past three years will help? That two weeks with his old friends, once he remembers why he brushed us off will be enough to hold him?" Nooj tilted his head. "Baralai has always been good with making promises, Gippal. We both know how well he began to keep them."

Gippal buried his head in his arms, breathed in the woodsy smell of the table.

Nooj rose and went back to his crate. "I believe we are all biased. We all want things from Baralai, for him to remember one thing, but not another. I don't think it's possible." He cleared his throat. "He will probably remember. But which memories do we want him to have fresh when it happens? Temples? Yevon? Or us, and Spira?"

Gippal moved, pressed his back to the rails of the chair. "It's still shady."

"That depends on your perspective, doesn't it?" Nooj was so careful with the spheres, like they would break at the slightest wrong touch. "This collection I'm letting Baralai take with him—our past. I won't be with you at the rest of the temples, so perhaps that means you can ruin my plans." He sat another sphere down. "Your choice. But think about what I said."

Gippal swallowed. He worried that Nooj was right. Two weeks was nothing. "I want him to choose us."

Nooj smiled, smug. "Then it's your move," he said, and slide the cover onto the crate.
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[personal profile] lassarina 2008-01-16 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
You have done a great job in this arc of putting a lot unsaid that keeps me wanting to know what else happened. I know you answered a lot of the questions, but the tension remains and it's awesome and should be continued. eeeee.

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Could you stop making me all ded of how awesome this is every time you post something new lol. I NEED TO BE COHERENT. The way you've pulled this altogether and yet left things out is brilliant and I agree with Rina- it makes me want to keep reading more (like NOW). =)

[identity profile] 2008-01-16 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Imagine my joy when I find not one update in my mailbox, but two. Are you trying to kill me dead with all this awesomeness?

I can never quite get a good grasp on Nooj, but he's just right here. Once again, I don't know how you can know him so well.